Woman’s weekly shop shows why you shouldn’t fall asleep while ordering online

A woman on Facebook was left red-faced after an Asda delivery truck showed up with only five items for her weekly food shop, as she fell asleep before amending her order

With Christmas now just days away, many of us will be spending this week scrambling to get the last few bits of food we need before the big day.

Thanks to online shopping, you no longer need to battle the queues and busy aisles in supermarkets to get the food you want – but you do need to remember what it is you actually need.

Unfortunately for one woman on Facebook, you also need to make sure you don’t fall asleep before you’ve finished making changes to your online order.

Posting on the Family Lowdown Tips & Ideas group, a woman named Joanne admitted she had dozed off before she’d saved the amendments to her weekly Asda shop – meaning her order only contained five boxes of Christmas chocolates.

Alongside a picture of her shop, which consisted of one box each of Dairy Milk, Quality Street, Roses, Celebrations and Heroes, she wrote: “Anyone else fall asleep while amending their online shopping so it doesn’t update?

“No? Just me? I did an Asda shop last night while I was in bed, I was wide awake to amend it, but I must have fallen asleep because this is all I got.”

And while some might think living on chocolate for a week sounds like a dream, the blunder also means Joanne missed out on receiving much-needed nappies for her children, as well as the rest of the food she was supposed to order.

But commenters were quick to let the mum know she isn’t alone in her ordering mishap, as people shared their own hilarious food shop stories in response.

One person said: “Yep, I’ve ordered five packets of cigarettes for my husband. The delivery man had a good laugh, he said it happens all of the time!

“I thought I’d checked out the whole shop too so a bit of a shock for us all, and not really a well-balanced diet for the week!”

While another commenter noted: “Twice I’ve had a call off my delivery driver saying I only have a bunch of bananas on my order, and he asked if I would like to cancel. Very grateful for those phone calls!”

And a third wrote: “I’ve so done this. One solitary bottle of champagne arrived.

“I’d put it on there just to reach the minimum spend, then totally forgot to add in my real shopping. Luckily the delivery guy had a great sense of humour!”