I refuse to let my neighbours’s Christmas guests park on my drive – I don’t know them’

A man who is fed up by his neighbours’ requests to use his driveway, he’s decided to put his foot down and implement a strict rule this Christmas – but his assertion has split opinion

A homeowner with a huge driveway has split opinion by putting his foot down, banning neighbours and guests from parking on his land.

The resident, who admits to having plenty of space for other cars to park on his land, says he’s incredibly stubborn and doesn’t care.

As Christmas approaches, people up and down the country are travelling to see family (provided their plans haven’t been scuppered by Covid).

Depending on where your relatives live, it can be tricky finding a parking space at their home, particularly if they live in a remote area.

But the resident who posted on Reddit about his no parking rule says he doesn’t care if his guests struggle to find somewhere to leave their car before enjoying Christmas day at his gaff – they’re still not parking on his land.

Explaining his rationale in the post, he explained his neighbours were visited by dozens of guests over the Christmas period – but don’t have enough space for all of them to park.

Hoping a friendly neighbour might help them out, they asked the man if their guests could make use of his space.

He wrote: “A bunch of family was coming to their house for Thanksgiving and Christmas and parking was going to be an issue, so they were hoping I’d let them park their excess guests on my property.

“They offered to pay me and also said if their family’s cars damaged my yard they’d come over and fix it.”

Despite their assurances, the resident stood firm – concerned if someone tripped and injured themselves on his property, he could be financially liable.

Wondering if he was being unreasonable, he invited others to share their opinions on his decision.

Claiming he “didn’t know” any of the people who wanted to park on his driveway, he said he bought his land so he could be “all alone on it.”

“I don’t celebrate the holidays and I don’t know these people so I really don’t see how any of this is my problem or why I should care,” he wrote.

Lots of people agreed with him, as one Reddit user warned: “Sets a bad precedent – opens the door to them demanding more and more, and harassing when they do not get it.”

But another said: “I totally get that you deserve to enjoy your property in peace, and don’t want to risk damage.

“That is a reasonable want. But, understanding your neighbour’s need (which isn’t your problem) would be a kind, relationship building gesture of goodwill.”

A third commented: “You have the opportunity to help out a neighbour in a way that costs you nothing and you are telling them to forget it.”

While plenty of people may sympathise with the man’s rule, it can be difficult to know what your rights are when it comes to parking on private property.

Technically, if you have a lot of space on your driveway, it’s technically not illegal for someone you don’t know to park on there without consent.

However, there is one way you might be able to take action against someone who might do this to you – by classing it as trespass.