Top cleaning hack for getting tough grease off extractor fan – for as little as 34p

A Facebook group dedicated to cleaning tips has agreed on the best way to clean grubby kitchen extractor fans – and it doesn’t involve splashing out on fancy products

The kitchen’s extractor fan gets a lot of use in the average household – for those of us who cook a lot, anyway.

It gets a lot of general wear and tear, and, depending on what you cook, can quickly become covered in grease.

Getting grease out of anything is a mean feat, and for a particularly grease-baked extractor fan the task becomes even trickier.

But a few cleaning whizzes might have found a solution – and took to a cleaning group to share her success.

When a frustrated woman posted on a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips group on Facebook to ask for help getting grease out of her extractor fan, the cleaning fanatic came to her aid with a 34p trick that might just be a game changer.

“Can any of you lovely people help me with the best way to clean these filters of the extractor fan?” the first woman asked.

Where some people might splash out on one of the thousands of cleaning products on the market to get grease out of their extractor fan, the people who responded to the despairing woman had one easy solution – washing up liquid and warm water.

“I have the same [extractor fans],” one person wrote. “I soak in hot water and Fairy liquid in the sink and use a bottle brush to gently clean them.”

Another agreed hot water and Fairy liquid was the way to go, adding after soaking cleaning their extractor fan with the mixture they “came up like new.”

Other people suggested it’s even better to soak their fans in the hot soapy water before trying to get the grease off.

“I used to soak them in hot soapy water in the bath for a good two hours. Agitate the water every now and then, then rinse with the shower,” someone said.

If, after trying your best with the mixture, you’re still having trouble cleaning the fans, there’s one last resort – the dishwasher.

But most people agree washing up liquid and hot water is the best bet for bringing them up good as new.

Although many people commenting on the post used branded washing up liquid to do the job which costs a little more, ASDA Smart Price produces their own version for just 34p – an absolute bargain for good-as-new fans.