Daughter in hysterics after mum, 60, bakes her an explicit drunk Santa cake

Dena Huseyin, 30, was left lost for words after her mum sent her a photo of the Christmas cake she’d decorated – and after running out of fondant, she decided to improvise

A woman has been left mortified after asking her 60-year-old mum to make a “sophisticated” Christmas cake – and receiving an obscene alternative.

Dena Huseyin’s mum, Jackie, ran out of fondant while decorating her ‘drunk Santa’ cake for her daughter and was left with just skin-coloured icing.

Thinking on her feet, Jackie decided to sculpt Santa without his iconic red trousers – and instead made him naked from the waist down.

She was also sure to be quite generous in depicting Father Christmas’s private parts.

Shocking photos of the finished cake show a well endowed St Nicholas lying on his back on the white Christmas cake, completely naked below the waist and with his arms stretched out.

Jackie had even gone to the trouble of drawing real life wrinkles on Santa’s genitals – to make the depiction as accurate as possible.

When Jackie sent a photo of her creation to her unsuspecting daughter Dena fell apart laughing – claiming she loves the cake, even if it’s not what she asked for.

Hobbyist cake maker Jackie’s pleased with her work and can’t believe it’s been admired by hundreds of Facebook users, who have hailed it ‘brilliant’ and jested ‘Mrs Claus is a lucky lady’.

Jackie, from Hornchurch, east London, said: “Dena was asking for a sophisticated cake, but me being me, I thought I’d make her something else as a joke.

“It was the last cake I was making and I was tired. I was going to do a drunk Santa lay on top with a beer bottle.

“I looked at my icing and I realised I didn’t have enough red left to do the trousers. I didn’t want to mix more fondant and get my hands all red for Christmas with the dye.

“I saw I had a lot of flesh colour left and that’s when I thought let’s do a naked one. I wanted to use all the fondant as well, because I don’t like waste, and that’s why he was so well-endowed.”

Jackie, whose cake decorating skills are self-taught, made the brandy-laced Christmas cake in September and stored them to be decorated last week.

Dena said her mum is “really talented” in her cake baking and decorating skills, and can’t wait to pick up her explicit creation on Christmas Day.

Dena said: “When I saw it, I thought ‘look at the size of it, it’s huge’. I was expecting a traditional cake with a snowman, and instead I got one with a willy on it.

“It was very funny. You just don’t expect to see Santa with a big willy do you! You can’t beat a cheap laugh. It’s so life-like.

“She’s done a good job, but I was surprised! Because I’m the more inappropriate member of the family, she thinks she can get away with it.”

She added she’ll cut straight through the middle of Santa’s nether-region on Christmas Day – even if it’s “painful” for him.

After posting a photo of her creation on Facebook, it has been shared far and wide, leaving people in hysterics.

One person commented on the photo: “That’s blooming brilliant! Someone is gonna be happy receiving a big package. You may have started a trend.”

Another joked: “Santa really does have it all doesn’t he.”

A third added: “Wow… Mrs Claus is a lucky lady! Think you nailed the sophistication!”